January 22, 2006

Some of the 'Faces' of My Place

The place where I live is called Érd. It is a town situated on some hills near the River Danube, some 20 km south-west of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. It is nice to live in the vicinity of a big city like Budapest and be able to use all the amenities it affords. And it does offer a lot. There are loads of theatres, cinemas, art exhibitions and good restaurants.
The photos below show some of our town's past, present and future.

Our town Érd with its population of about 60,000 used to be a very quiet place to live in, a kind of 'sleeping town' with lots of commuters working in the nearby capital city.

However, there have been a lot of changes in Érd recently. It is becoming a regional centre of the neighbouring smaller settlements with its town centre undergoing considerable changes. Quite a lot of new office blocks and shopping centres have been built overnight.